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 Staff Applications

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PostSubject: Staff Applications   Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:39 pm

Please read this before applying for a staff position as we don't just take anyone.

Moderator: applications are for the players who wish to help in the forums and become known in the community.

Moderator rights and responsibilities

Do not apply if you do not think you can handle any of these responsibilities

* Control flame and needed posts, to do so here is what you can do:
o Delete posts deemed unnecessary
o Close threads
o Edit posts
o Ban players
* Create and edit threads to help out the community
o Create or edit guides
o Create threads to limit the # of threads being made
* Help out any player in a nice and respectful manner
o Answer any and all questions as soon as possible
o Make your reply's understandable, clear and straight to the point
* Close and move threads
o Close threads that have been fully answered
o Move threads the the appropriate sections

Developers obligations can be categorized in:

* Making new content
* Fixing existing content
*Adding Content , Creating New Things

* Dedication
* Patience
* Imagination
* Passion
* Free time!

Tell us about your DEV skills , what can you do , what have you done , provide us with some of the preavious things you have done etc...

The following layout must be used in your application. If you don’t, your application will be ignored until you fix the layout.

In-Game Name:

Applying for:

Any Previous Experience as a Game Monitor([GM]) Moderator({MOD}), , Developer(DEV),

How You Will Devote Yourself to the Community:

Level of Activity:

Languages Spoken:

*Reason for application:

*Time Zone:

*Usage of MSN:

*Usage of forum:

*Your reaction against non-constructive criticism:

*Sense of humor:

*Personal information:

*Communication skills:

Previous experience:

Personal Convictions on Why You Should Be Chosen:

* Please do not "Bump" your application
o Bumping you own application shows us that you have no patience, we need patient staff members!
* Make your application stand out
o Add color, bold, sizes and make it lengthy with information, we want to see that you want the position and we want to get to know you and your work better
* Do not ask or spam staff members to look at your application!
o Your work alone should get your application attention from staff and players, so don't ask for reply's because it just looks like your impatient
* Give us the impression that you are mature enough and professional for a position in staff

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Staff Applications

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